Sunday, March 23, 2014

March: In like an adder’s head..out like a peacock’s tail

I wonder if this will be the case this year… this lovely old weather proverb can go both ways. Its been a day of sun and hail.
But I am enjoying my adders. I continued with a few more small trials while working on the larger piece. Small prints are useful for learning  about cutting and for colour trials but after the end of March things will have to get bigger and better!

Small adder prints.



Blue adder. 2 x 11 inches


Brown adder. 2 x 11 inches

 The large adder print


The block and some of the mess the rest is scattered on the floor and around the house.


2 colours..9.5 x12 inches


3 colours… A proof print

One more to go ….

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