Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Under the Skin 2: The Long Bone

I found this long bone near the reservoir about a month ago. I think it’s a leg bone from a muntjac deer. We have quite a few of these curious little creatures round here.When we first arrived we saw a decomposing body up on one of the tracks. I didn’t then have the presence of mind to drag it back home. I might now :) Stubbs would have.

Pencil A4 sketchbook

I had not really looked at it before today and initially  liked the sweeping line of the outline but then I saw the glimpse of the beautifully detailed interior.


Pencil drawing is 15 inches long,

This is the bit I was most interested in…

Detail of the above drawing..

More than interested really. I hadn’t really intended sketching anything but the bone shape but the labyrinthine structure is too good to leave at a small study. It is the most fascinating world of overlapping fine bones..layer on layer. I made a more detailed study.


The scanner is a blunt tool for pencil work and strips out many of the subtle tones and I think there is more depth to the original. I could have continued for many more hours, refining and finding more and deeper layers but I drew what I could see with the help of a small magnifying glass and ran out of time.


Labyrinth…pencil 8 x 6 inches

I was not sure what this bone was, so had a quick search and found the very excellent Jakes Bones. I am learning so much from his site!

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